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The Manchester Student Homes Good Neighbours Team works closely with local residents' associations and long standing community groups to get them working with students in their local area. We also help find solutions to potential issues raised by students living in their local community when and if they arise.


Welcome to the Community!

Manchester Student Homes welcomes you to the Community with a handy guide to living off campus. The guide provides lots of useful hints and tips including, a moving in checklist, area guide, housing advice and information about how to get involved with local community groups and activities.   


Click below to look at our 'Welcome to the Community' booklets!

      - The University of Manchester - Welcome to the Community Guide

      - Manchester Metropolitan University - Welcome to the Community Guide

This is your home for a significant part of the year and we hope that you enjoy your time living in Manchester. This local area is home to a mixture of communities, students and short term residents like you but also long term residents who will continue to live here for years to come.