"Generally I think you guys are doing a pretty good job ensuring the safety and security of students in the Manchester Area by carefully managing/checking properties with accommodation for students."

     - KM, Apr 2016


"The events were well organised due to your preparation and hard work. We were made to feel welcome at all the venues which makes the day more enjoyable and rewarding. Thank you."

     - Barry Keaveney, Dec 2015


"Thank you so much for your work, it really makes a difference to people's quality of life."

     - Mr K, Nov 2015


"I found the last two CPD sessions that I have attended really useful and following advice given in the session on the 28th May have finally got myself on Facebook."

     - Henena Roberts, Sept 2015


" I would like to thank the team at MSH for all the help and assistance I have received over the years that I have been a landlord."

     - Mr B, July 2015


"Simple, easy to use website.  Great response."

     - Landlord #3, July 2015


"Staff are always helpful if I have telephone enquires....Concentrates on the local area."

     - Landlord #4, July 2015


"Provides a simple and very effective way landlords and prospective tenants to meet."

     - Landlord #5, July 2015


"Excellent help and advice when needed.  MSH is helpful with advice to students and landlords."

     - Landlord #6, July 2015

"Accreditation.  Self promotion to student bodies."

     - Landlord #8, July 2015


"Virtually everything!"

     - Landlord #11, July 2015


"Provides a good service for landlords."

     - Landlord #16, July 2015


"A very cost effective way of letting my HMO."

     - Landlord #18, July 2015


"It runs a good service and advertises well it maintains standards to keep the  safety issues up to scratch."

     - Landlord #22, July 2015


"Friendly professional service that puts student in touch with screened landlords."

     - Landlord #23, July 2015


"Really look after student needs and work towards higher standards, great advertising service. Dedicated staff that is passionate about delivering the right job."

     - Landlord #28, July 2015


"They care about the job they do - not just on behalf of the Students, but also the Landlords and the local community. They have always given sound advice on the few occasions I have had a problem with tenants."

     - Landlord #30, July 2015


"Provides support when needed, reliable, efficient, helpful and friendly."

     - Landlord #31, July 2015


"Marketing to students and cornering the Manchester student market."

     - Landlord #32, July 2015


"I am very grateful for the way you have handled this. I think you have been very fair, even-handed and helpful."

     - Landlord #33, July 2015


"We both found today very informative and interesting!"

     - Landlord #34, July 2015


Student Testimonial


"Thank you so much for looking throughmy contract, and also for the friendly and fast service you were able to provide! Now I can sign the contract without having to worry about the small details I might have missed. I won't hesitate to recommend Manchester Student Homes to any exchange student coming to Manchester in the future."

    - Alexander Rode  June 2015


"Working with the Manchester Student Homes was a really exciting and wonderful experience, which was also the most unforgettable memory in my whole exchange period. Thanks to the hidden gems MLP project, I was connected with many new people and excellent friends, explored a whole new area as well as practised necessary skills and techniques to work as a team and deal with people.

During the past five months, we have explored the hidden gems in Fallowfield and Withington area  with great help from enthusiastic and capable Manchester student homes staff Andrew, Poppy and Jess. (Wish Andrew every success in his new job!)  We would not have achieved so far and won the Good neighbours Community Rewards without them. They provided us with their experiences and knowledge as much as possible but did not restrict our own thinking. Their roles as connections between students and local communities and people are amazing. It was really impressive when I interviewed several locals in person to collect information about hidden gems due to arrangement by MSH. That was when I understood why students should view themselves as part of local community instead of just living in their own 'bubbles'. What's more, we are warmly welcomed by tea and snacks every time we visit. (I never will forget the cake tasted so good!) They are friendly, willing to share and really cheer for others' happiness. So, do not hesitate to push open the door of Manchester student homes with shining glass!"

     - Amy Shi  June 2015


"It seems like it’s been a busy week for me, as well as that, I was knee-deep in house viewings last week, choosing a house for 3rd year already! After a lot of trawling the internet, we found a few houses to view, one of which we all thought was amazing so we snapped it up right there and then. It’s important when moving out of halls or into a new house that you can trust the landlord and you know all the important stuff about the house you’re moving into, the price, cost of bills, the location in relation to uni/bus stops, the central heating, whether there’s loft/cavity wall insulation, double-glazed windows, and you should always go and see the house before agreeing to move in. If possible, ask any current tenants about the house and the landlords. Manchester Student Homes is a website run by the University in conjunction with Manchester Metropolitan University, Salford University and a number of other institutions around Manchester. All the houses advertised have been inspected and checked to be of an acceptable standard, and the website offers useful advice and information on moving into a house. I would advise everyone to find their house through Manchester Student Homes!"

     - Eleanor's Blog  6 March 2013