Moving out and deposit returns

To do:

  • Take meter readings again and let the suppliers know that it's the last day of your tenancy.

  • Check your inventory and take any necessary photos.

  • It's up to you to replace light bulbs and fluorescent tubes.

  • Brush ImageSponge ImageClean and tidy the property or you may be billed for the cleaning.
Deposit Return

Your landlord must return your deposit within 10 days of you both agreeing how much you’ll get back.  Make sure you’ll get your deposit back if you:

Pound Sign Arrow Image

  • Meet the terms of your tenancy agreement.

  • Don’t damage the property.

  • Pay your rent and bills.


If you’re in a dispute with your landlord, then your deposit will be protected in the TDP scheme until the issue is sorted out.


Click here if you would like to read more about How to get a tenancy deposit back.


Did you know?

Any deductions from the deposit can only be made at the end of the tenancy and can only be made if you / the lead tenant agree with them. If you think any proposed deductions are unfair, there are steps you can take. Please see Deductions from tenancy deposits.