Repairs Procedure

-Ensure it is the Landlord’s responsibility (minor upkeep is the tenant’s responsibility)
-Contact the Landlord and describe the repair (keep a record of what was said and when contact was made)
-Ask for a time when the landlord can come to the property to inspect the repair and/or when a contractor is likely to call (Some landlords have all repairs on contract, particularly gas and water repairs, and you may need to contact the contractor – ask the same questions though)

-If time period has elapsed and if either the repair has not been completed or the landlord has not inspected, contact him again to ask what the delay is. Again, make a note of the day and keep a copy of the conversation
-If the landlord gives another time scale, depending upon the urgency of the repair, either accept and wait or take the next step


Item Not Repaired

As a private tenant, you have the legal right to live in a property that is safe and in a good state of repair.  Make sure you have followed these steps before you report the problem to us:


1. Contact your landlord

You must speak to your landlord first:

-Write to your landlord explaining the problem. There's a sample letter on the Shelter website:

-Wait two weeks or longer after you first report the problem. If nothing is done, then contact your landlord again and wait another two weeks 
-If you haven't heard back from your landlord send a final letter or email to your landlord giving them 48 hours to respond, and keep copies of all correspondence.




2. Collect evidence

Collect evidence about the problem, such as: 

-Copies of any letters sent to or received from the landlord
-Receipts, reports or bills from professionals who have looked at the problem, or a note from a doctor if the problem is affecting someone’s health.

If you don't receive a response after 48 hours then report the repair problem with your landlord to us and we will investigate. 


Get more advice first if it's an immediate danger, or serious threat to health or security, such as:

-A leak near electrics
-An external door that can’t be locked
-No cooking facilities
-A permanent loss of heating in the house in winter
-A flood



We can help if your landlord is refusing to do repairs

Accredited Landlord – contact MSH :

Non-Accredited  - MCC website :