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Recycle 4 Greater Manchester App             Spring 2019


Do you Don’t waste time!

Sometimes forget to put your bins out?

Do you wish someone would remind your housemates?

YES? Then the Recycle for Greater Manchester app is for you!

With this app you can:

  • Find out when your recycling and general waste bins are collected, by simply selecting the council area you live in and input your postcode

  • Get a pop up reminder to put out your your bins on bin day, and tell you which ones will be collected that week

  • Use the A- Z guide to find out exactly what to do with (almost) anything and everything.

  • Find your nearest Recycling Centres – where you can recycle more and dispose of your waste safely.

    It’s available on the app store or android marketplace, is easy to download and easy to use and doesn’t take up much space!

18th December 2018
3 Ways to Reduce Your Household Waste
by Florence Jones (Student Community Advisor for Manchester Student Homes)
By now most of us are hopefully pretty savvy with recycling, which is a good start, but it is not enough!
If you have seen Blue Planet II, you were probably shocked by the amount of waste, particularly plastic, that we produce and which makes its way into the sea. So instead of sitting there in shock, feeling bad but not doing anything, we’ve put together some practical tips for reducing your household waste. This advice can help with local waste issues such as overflowing bins and an abundance of waste which can occur even when recycling correctly.
1. BUY IN BULK: Where possible, avoid buying small packets of food items and go for the biggest you can find. This will reduce your plastic waste and usually works out cheaper too! There is also the added bonus that you’re much less likely to start cooking dinner and realise you’re out of rice half way through.
TIP: Manchester Super Store and Worldwide on Curry Mile sell huge bags of rice, dried beans and pulses, nuts, spices, etc. which are reasonably priced and good quality.
2. AVOID PLASTIC PACKAGING: Next time you are about to buy something in a plastic tub (which cannot be recycled in Manchester), think whether or not there is a better alternative, or whether you really need it.  If you have a choice between an item in plastic packaging or glass or paper, go for glass or paper. These can always be recycled, unlike the majority of plastic packaging.
TIP: There are a lot of shops around Manchester, especially along the curry mile, that sell loose vegetables with no packaging - just bring your own bags. Mushrooms are the hardest vegetable to get hold of without packaging, but in Fallowfield Sainsbury’s you can get them loose for the same price - bring your own bag or use the paper ones provided.
3. REFILL HOUSEHOLD PRODUCTS: There are services out there to help you cut down on packaging, particularly household cleaning products. M20 Refills is a great new local initiative that works in a similar style as traditional milk deliveries, but for household products and toiletries. You could group together with your housemates to get free delivery. Splosh is an online shop where you can also order refills for eco-friendly cleaning products that get sent straight to your door. Hulme Community Garden Centre also sell refills on ecover products, as does Eighth Day Coop, both close to Manchester Met and UoM. Split this with your housemates and get it delivered so you don’t have to argue about whose turn it is to buy washing up liquid!
Incorporating these small changes into your everyday routine can go a long way to reducing plastic consumption and waste issues in your local area. Nobody is perfect and everybody forgets their bag sometimes, or doesn’t have the time to go to a certain place for plastic free shopping, so don’t beat yourself up, just do your best and it will get easier with time.



How to clean up Fallowfield in 5 minutes



by Florence Jones (Student Community Advisor for Manchester Student Homes)


Recycling has never been easier, so you should do it! Everybody cares about the environment, nobody likes streets lined with rubbish, and everybody in Manchester has free recycling collection, so what’s up?


We know that there are lots of students who recycle everything, and nag their housemates to do the same, and that’s great! But you might be shocked to hear that Fallowfield only recycles 37.6% of its waste and Rusholme only 27%, according to Greater Manchester City Council data. These are some of the lowest rates in Greater Manchester!


Now, we aren’t saying that you don’t care, but do you know how to recycle in Manchester? Everywhere in the world has a different recycling system, and with students coming from all over the place, we wouldn’t be surprised if you aren’t caught up on what to put in which bin and when to put your bins out.


Visit Manchester City Council’s website for any information on waste and recycling, to order bins or report issues (


That’s why we (Manchester Student Homes) are working alongside Manchester City Council to make sure that you know what goes where and when. If things go in the wrong bin, they won’t be collected, and that’s how bins end up overflowing onto the streets and contaminating the local environment. Nobody wants to wade through last night’s takeaway packaging and broken glass on their way home, so we’re calling on everybody to take some simple, quick actions to keep the streets clean for all residents.


What we’re doing


We’ll be visiting some streets in the area to speak to residents about their waste management habits, and try to ensure that everybody understands what they can do to keep our streets sparkly clean (ish). We also want to know what we, Manchester Student Homes, and Manchester City Council can do to support you with this, so please tell us! You can do this by contacting either Manchester Student Homes or using the council’s website.


What can you do?


Have a little look at the Manchester City Council’s website to familiarise yourself with the system here. Just make sure you know what to put where, and when your bin collection day is. A simple way to let your housemates know about this is to stick a note somewhere in your house reminding everyone of your bin collection day. If you need to order any bins, you can easily and quickly do this on the ‘My Account’ section of the Manchester City Council website.


Key Info:

  • The ONLY plastic that can be recycled is bottle shaped-  no other types of plastic should go in the plastic bin
  • Plastic bags must not go in recycling bins - we suggest you empty them out into the bin and use them again!
  • You can recycle your food waste - make sure you have a kitchen caddy and food bags (you can order these for free from the website) and put these into your green bin for collection.


Recycling is an easy way to decrease waste and keep your local environment clean, so take five minutes to make sure you’re doing it right!


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