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Give It Don't Bin It


One part of the Give it Don’t Bin it Campaign is donating unwanted household items and clothing to The British Heart Foundation (BHF) which go directly towards raising vital funds for lifesaving research through the sale of the items in their shops. The BHF donation points are are located in numerous off and on campus locations including Fallowfield, Withington and the City Centre.

The second part of the campaign is donating surplus unopened non-perishable food products to Manchester Central Food Bank. 

To find out more visit



Give It Don't Bin It:

For Students Living Off-campus                        10th April 2019


Donate your unwanted items…

A single bag of donations could be worth as much as £14

Did you know you can easily donate your unwanted items to charity? There is over 15 British Heart Foundation Collection Banks located off-campus in and around Fallowfield. You can donate your clothes, books, electricals, accessories, DVDs and CDs at any of the banks using the British Heart Foundation donation bags. British Heart Foundation donation bags are available from the Manchester Student Homes office in Fallowfield and University of Manchester’s Fallowfield Owens Park Campus.

Here is some of the donation banks located in Fallowfield:

Please check below to see what can be donated at the collection banks.

Since 2012, donations from students have helped raise over £1.3 million for the British Heart Foundation – Thank you!

For the full map location of collection banks and further information on the Give It Don’t Bin It campaign, please visit:


9th August 2018


British heart foundation supporters day


Staff from across DSE (Residential & Sport Services along with SDCE) visited the Division of Cardiovascular Sciences, to understand how monies raised from the Give It Don’t Bin It campaign are invested by the British Heart Foundation (BHF).

Give It Don’t Bin It (GIDBI) is an end of year reuse/recycling scheme which encourages students to donate their unwanted items (clothes, shoes, books, crockery, electrical items and furniture) to BHF.  The campaign with the BHF has been running since 2012 and has raised over £1.5 million to support vital life-saving heart research.

Last year the BHF raised almost £160 million with £100m going towards research from which the North-West benefits from £25m with £19m going directly to the University of Manchester.

The BHF fund more than half the UK’s overall research funding that goes into heart disease and circulatory diseases. The remaining funding comes from the NHS, research councils and EU funding as well as some other charities.

Our shops last year raised over £25 million of from selling donated clothing, shoes, books, furniture, working electrical appliances and other items.

One in every four deaths in the UK are due to heart disease and circulatory disease such as vascular dementia, diabetes, heart disease and stroke.

Each year the BHF funds research grants, with over 1000 research projects currently underway. 

Ten million people a year need BHF support in the UK due to heart disease and diabetes with a further 30,000 people having a cardiac arrest outside of hospital every year. The BHF are encouraging everyone to learn CPR training and have already managed to achieve this across 79% of all high schools. Schools are given free training kits and have encouraged anyone whose child’s school doesn’t currently provide CPR training to get in touch so they can provide this support to schools. Each minute someone is left alone, whilst having a cardiac arrest, can increase the risk of dying by 10% and with illnesses like this, it is more important than ever to provide awareness training and research into life threatening diseases.

To help boost our donations, if you do have any unwanted items that can be donated and sold by the BHF, please use the red BHF donation banks across campus to further support both the GIDBI campaign and the vital work of the BHF.

Professor Bernard Keavney (Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine) said “At least one in four deaths in the UK will have a member die due to heart and circulatory disease, and Greater Manchester has the worst rates for these diseases in the whole of the country. The British Heart Foundation funds and supports my research team, which is focused on improving the outcomes for babies and children born with congenital malformations of the heart. Donating your unwanted items at the end of the academic year is a fantastic way to support research that will benefit heart patients of all ages”.


Picture from left to right:

Alan Ashcroft (Domestic Services Coordinator)

Poppy Humphrey (Off Campus Student Affairs Officer)

Kirsty Hutchison (Volunteering & Community Engagement Consultant)

Simon Gillespie (Chief Executive of the British Heart Foundation)

Prof Tony Heagerty (Professor of Medicine and Head of the Division of Cardiovascular Sciences)

Alexander Clark (Environmental Coordinator)

Kevin Hughes (Senior Portering Services Coordinator)


1st May 2018

Give It Don't Bin It So Far...


Since 2012 your donations have raised the equivalent of £1.3 million for the British Heart Foundation.


Last year students...

Donated 211 tonnes of items which could have raised up to £376,005 to help support lifesaving research. The equivalent of 4000 meals was also donated to Manchester Central Foodbank.

This funded...

  • 52 Heartstart schemes 
  • 530 defibrilators awarded 
  • 350,892 free heart health resources 
  • 277 organisations CPR trained
  • 26 British Heart Foundation retail shops 
  • 2 British Heart Foundation funded research projects





25th April 2018

Give It Don't Bin It- Bag Packing Day


'Give it don’t bin it' is a student move-out collection and recycling campaign. Every year thousands of students move out and we are encouraging them to make their move count by donating unwanted items. This is a partnership campaign between Manchester Student Homes, Manchester Metropolitan University, University of Manchester and Manchester City Council which raises money for The British Heart Foundation and Manchester Central Foodbank. Since 2012 Give It Don’t Bin It has raised the equivalent of £1.3 million for The British Heart Foundation which contributes towards lifesaving research. In 2017, 4000 meals were donated to Manchester Central Foodbank to help local people in food poverty.

This year, over the course of two days, student volunteers, staff, long term residents and MSH landlords put together 20,000 packs of information and donation bags for the Give It Don’t Bin It campaign. These will be delivered to University and Private Halls both on and off campus as well as houses in Fallowfield, Withington and the City Centre to encourage students to donate their items.  It was a great few days with everyone getting involved, and a massive achievement to produce so many packs!

The day included CPR training delivered by the British Heart Foundation and there is now over 30 more new people trained in a lifesaving skill! There was also the opportunity for everyone to visit The British Heart Foundation Pop Up Shop which had a variety of clothing on sale for people to grab some great bargains. 

It was a busy two days and was great to see everyone working together as a team to achieve the target of making 20,000 packs. Thankyou to all 70 volunteers that gave up their time, the bag packing days are vital to the success of the Give It Don’t Bin It campaign.


To find out more about the campaign visit




24th May 2017

Give It Don’t Bin It - 2017

Manchester Student Homes (MSH) has been working with the University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University and Manchester City Council in delivering the Give It Don’t Bin It campaign in support of the British Heart Foundation and Manchester Central Foodbank. The campaign aims to recycle and reuse unwanted items of clothing and food from students living both on campus and off-campus, reducing waste in the process. All donations are directly donated to either the British Heart Foundation or Manchester Central Foodbank. In 2016, the donations made by students to the British Heart Foundation totalled an amount equivalent to £230,723, while food donations provided 2,000 meals for the Foodbank. 

This year, over the course of two days, student volunteers, staff and MSH landlord volunteers managed to put together a staggering 19,500 packs of information and donations bags. This is vital to the development of the project because these packs make it easier for students to donate. Therefore, the more packs made, the more donations the British Heart Foundation and Manchester Central Foodbank will be able to collect. 









The British Heart Foundation also offered students, staff, MSH landlords and long term residents participating in the volunteering opportunity the chance to undertake CPR training. A total of 95 people took part in the training, helping to raise awareness of heart disease while providing the vital skills and knowledge associated with this life-saving treatment. 

Poppy Humphrey, MSH Off Campus Student Affairs Officer commented: “This is a fantastic initiative which sees students, staff, MSH landlords, partnership agencies and local long term residents come together to support the effective delivery of this important campaign. Thank you to all involved”.

Thanks to the support of Al Clark, Environmental Coordinator and Kirsty Hutchison, Volunteering & Community Engagement Consultant for project managing the campaign on behalf of The University of Manchester.

MSH would like to thank the British Heart Foundation for the opportunity to participate in the campaign and both universities for facilitating the project. We are delighted that we were able to work with the Volunteering & Community Engagement and Sustainability teams at The University of Manchester and the amazing volunteer support!  For more information about the campaign visit the Give It Don’t Bin It website or follow MSH on Twitter



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