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H2H Community Members The Team


Student contributions to the community

Students bring a wealth of experience and vibrancy to the areas where they live. Along with this they also engage with their communities and volunteer when possible. Manchester Student Homes aims to provide opportunities for students to volunteer, contribute to community cohesion and get to know their local areas.

Campaigns include:



As part of our ‘Halls 2 Home’ campaign, Manchester Student Homes (MSH) has worked with student volunteers and long term residents to create ‘Hidden Gems’. The project highlights 25 of the local artistic, cultural, environmental and historic ‘gems’ that play an important part in the lives of local community members in Fallowfield and Withington. From this work, a map of Fallowfield and Withington has been created showing the locations of these 25 ‘gems’.

Hidden Gems Logo



MSH 'Spring has sprung' Off-Campus         Spring 2019

Volunteering Opportunties

Now that Spring is just around the corner there are plenty of volunteering opportunities available for students living off-campus in and around the Fallowfield and Withington area. From community gardening and bulb planting, to weeding and litter picking, now is the best time to ‘SPRING INTO ACTION’ and help benefit the environment.

Manchester Student Homes are actively involved in a range of off-campus volunteering projects. Recently we have had student volunteers assisting as tour guides on our ‘Hidden Gems’ walking tour of Fallowfield and Withington. Manchester Student Homes works in partnership with Manchester City Council, University of Manchester and The Union MMU volunteering departments, which have been involved in off-campus volunteer projects such as, secret shopper exercises, community bulb planting and gardening/park maintenance sessions.

For more information on volunteering in and around the Fallowfield/Withington area, please e-mail our MSH Community Cohesion Intern Luke Fisher for further information:


UoM Volunteering portal and The Union MMU Opportunities have a range of volunteering opportunities available off-campus in and around Fallowfield/Withington. Register your interest below and sign up for a range of opportunities:


The Union, MMU:

Here is some of the volunteer opportunities currently available:


Ladybarn Park Action Group

The friends of Ladybarn Park have volunteering ‘Morning Action Groups’ on Tuesdays and Saturdays 10:00-12:00pm. As a volunteer you'll take part in general gardening tasks e.g. raking leaves, pruning trees/bushes and planting bulbs. You'll be getting involved in creating a better park environment, meet members of the local community and there will be ‘FREE’ Tea and Coffee!

One of our Manchester Student Homes Community Cohesion Interns will be attending a Tuesday morning action group session on 2nd April 2019.

For UoM students please see the following volunteer advert below to register your interest.

UoM and MMU students please RSVP your dates and availability to


Incredible Edible Volunteer Group

Incredible Edible Manchester is an exciting initiative that gives local communities the opportunity to grow their own sustainable fruit and vegetables, whilst improving biodiversity in the area at the same time. The scheme has been set up by Manchester City Council and The University of Manchester along with community groups and residents from across Manchester.

For further information about Incredible Manchester please see the following link:

To register your interest and volunteer, please contact their Facebook page:


Platt Fields Park Volunteer Group

The Friends of Platt Fields exists to promote Platt Fields Park. We work to encourage imaginative events and improvements to the physical environment, so that the park is better used and enjoyed by local people. Volunteers can take part in various tasks e.g. weeding and cutting back overgrowth in the soft fruit orchard, litter-picking, and bulb planting. Every monthly session will be a surprise. You will be guaranteed a warm welcome. Free coffee/tea and biscuits will be provided. The Lakeside Centre provides public toilets, cleaning up facilities, and shelter in case of inclement weather.

Each session starts at 1pm and will finish around 4pm, on every third Sunday each month.


For UoM students please see the following volunteer advert below to register your interest.


For MMU students please send a volunteer enquiry email direct to the Friends of Platt Fields group



MSH Student Guide to Wellbeing                 4th February 2019

Beating the Winter Blues:

Related image

The excess of the festive season is finally over and for many students it’s back to lectures, late night stints in the library and exam preparation. Add to that cold weather, lack of daylight and failed (for some of us) New Year’s resolutions and it comes as no surprise that some students may find themselves feeling low at this time of year.

Here are some tips on how to be happier this winter from the MSH team:

Eat Healthier

It's important to eat well during the cold months. Winter blues can make you crave sugary foods such as chocolate, sweets and cake (especially after Christmas) but don't forget to include plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables in your diet. Make sure you're getting plenty of vitamins B & C to help you awake from the slumber!

Not sure if you’re not getting enough vitamins and minerals? Check the NHS website for an overview of essential vitamins and minerals, food sources, benefits and how much you need.

Breakfast cereals contain a high percentage of your RDA for vitamins and minerals.

Managing a student budget? Most supermarkets make own branded cereals that are just as good! Adding in a banana or some nuts on top is an easy way to boost the vitamin content of a bowl of cereal.

Breakfast, Cereal, Milk, Banana, Blueberry, Pecan, Nuts














Challenge yourself and set achievable goals

It’s important to remind yourself that you are part-way through your journey to graduating in your chosen course. For many of you, you will be recently (or currently) be focusing on exams, assignment deadlines and for final year students *deep breath* your research dissertation.

Uni can be daunting, but if you're organised and take one day at a time, you can do it. If you're trying to juggle lots of assignments, lectures and other commitments, being organised can help you get it done without stressing too much. Set aside specific times for each task, making sure to factor in deadlines as well as time to RELAX.


Care for yourself

You cannot work all the time. It's impossible. Be realistic. Get enough sleep and give yourself breaks so that you don't exhaust yourself. Not only will this help you use your time more efficiently, but it's a part of taking responsibility for your own wellbeing. Only you know your limits and what makes you feel good. So leave time for what you need, whether that be going for a swim, a yoga session, a movie night or just cooking yourself a good meal. You'll feel better for it!


Ask for help if you need it

If things are getting a bit too much, there is nothing wrong with asking for help. It may be scary, but taking actions to help yourself can be empowering and will help you realise that you are not alone. Try talking to a friend or family member, or perhaps you would benefit from talking to somebody with professional experience. There is support available at university designed for specifically for students. Whether your concerns are uni related or not, there is somebody to talk to.

Off Campus Support:

Manchester Student Homes provides a range of off campus help and support to students. From security and personal safety information to advice on housing issues, our staff will be happy to assist. We also work with Manchester City Council, Greater Mancheter Police and local community groups on a range of community cohesion events and volunteer opportunites. Contact our office anytime for further information. 

On Campus Support:

Both UoM and MMU offer a wide range of support for students to help you manage your mental health and wellbeing. Make the most of these services!


Further Support

The NHS website includes advice on staying healthy during the winter months.

The Guardian publishes regular articles on wellbeing. Check this recent article on Seven ways to boost your self-esteem.

Wellbeing and Mindfullness free guides:

5 steps to Mental Wellbeing:                     

How to improve your mental wellbeing:

Seven ways to start meditating:




22nd November 2016

Community bulb planting


Manchester Student Homes attended a community bulb planting on 2nd November in partnership with Manchester City Council and the University of Manchester Volunteering. We met with student volunteers and members of the local community in Withington and spent the morning planting dozens of flowers for the entire community to enjoy.

Community bulb planting

Many Withington residents walked by and commented on the work we were doing, and how appreciative they were that students had taken time out of their hectic schedules in order to give back to the local community.

Flowers for this event were generously provided by Manchester City Council, and we look forward to attending similar events in the future!


7th February 2015

volunthero award


Cooper, Poppy and Andrew were named ‘VoluntHeros’ this week as part of the University of Manchester’s Student Volunteering Week (photo). Colleagues from the Volunteering and Community Engagement Division have been giving students and staff members who make special contributions to the local community this fantastic award, and it was gratefully received by the three members of the Manchester Student Homes team. Here’s looking forward to another year full of volunteering opportunities across Manchester.

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