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Moving In

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Your property should be ready for you to move into from the first day your tenancy starts.




When you move in, it’s really important to take an inventory. Ideally the landlord should be present but if they are not, make sure you do one yourself. Document the condition of all the fixtures, fittings, furniture and condition of the property. Make a written inventory and also take lots of video and photographs. Include as much detail as possible. If the landlord completes the inventory, make sure it is accurate and you agree with it before you sign it. If you complete the inventory email it to the landlord as soon as possible.


Downloadable Template Inventory


Welcome pack


The landlord should provide you with a welcome pack and information about the property. This should include information about who to contact in an emergency, who to report repairs and information such as bin collection dates etc.




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The landlord should give you clear instructions about how to use any appliance in the house such as the heating, hot water and cooker etc. or provide you with the instruction manuals. All electrical appliances should either be under 12 months old or be PAT tested to make sure they are safe. If you have gas appliances, the landlord should provide a copy of the Gas Safety Certificate.


Setting up utility bills


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The landlord should provide you with details of which companies supply the utilities to the property.


If they don’t have the details you can find out by contacting the following companies to find out who your supplier is:


Gas - 0870 608 1524 or visit www.ukpower.co.uk

Electric - 0870 751 0093 or visit www.ukpower.co.uk

Telephone / Internet – BT 0800 800 150 or visit http://home.bt.com/

Water – United Utilities are the only supplier ofwater in the North West and can be contacted on 0345 672 2999 or visit United Utilities

TV License – if you have a joint and several tenancy agreement you will only need one TV licence for the whole property. If you are on an individual room by room contract you will need one per person. Visit TV Licensing for more information.

You can compare the cost of utility bills on uSwitchCompare The Market, and/or Money Supermarket.


Meter Readings and Payments


Meter Image

Make sure you take the meter readings can give them to the utility suppliers. Take a copy for your own records as well. Try to get the names of all your housemates on the bills if possible. Bills will normally arrive either monthly or quarterly and you should be able to pay by direct debit.


Remember to provide regular meter reading so you are not over or under paying. It’s important to keep up to date with utility bill payments, some suppliers may charge late payment fees and any debts could affect your credit rating score.


There are lots of deals and special offers from utility companies; if you switch suppliers it could save you money, try comparison website such as U switch.




If you or your parents already have insurance, check whether the policy will cover contents in your new home. There are plenty of deals available and it is worth shopping around to make sure you get the right cover. Endsleigh specialise in student insurance and some private halls include contents insurance in their rental price.


Registering to Vote


Don’t forget to register to vote! It’s really easy and simple and can be done online at Register to Vote.


Registering with a GP


Make sure you are registered with a local GP and dental practise. You can find health services in your area by visiting NHS.


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