How to Accredit and Advertise

How to Register

To become accredited and benefit from exclusive advertising through Manchester Student Homes, you will need to commit to our Code of Standards for Larger Student Schemes.

Code of Standards

LSS Code of Standards image and link

Private Hall Code of Standards link


Registration Forms

We require the following paperwork to be completed which will tell us about you as a provider and about the specific halls you wish to accredit. A summary of your policies and procedures is required along with specific documentation and certification.

Please complete the following online documents and return Form A8 to

Provider Assessment Form link - This tells us about you as a provider.

Hall Assessment Form link - Information relating to each specific hall.

Code Declaration and Terms and Conditions Form link - Confirming you agree to our Code of Standards.

Hall Advertising Form link - The information we require to create your web advert.

Form A8 Room Pricing - This cost of the rooms to populate your web advert.

Once we have received the paperwork we will undertake to give a full response within two weeks, you may be asked to provide further information. A link will be provided by email that will allow you to upload the required supporting documents.

The Costs

The cost to advertise a larger student scheme with Manchester Student Homes is £7.50 plus VAT per bed space.

Please note: you will be asked to register and pay for every bed space in a scheme.

Payment must be made before a scheme can be advertised. If you would like to pay by purchase order, you will need to become a registered customer of The University of Manchester. Please contact for further details.


If you would like to make any amendments or changes to your advert, please email the details to and we will update the advert for you. Any larger student scheme which has been accredited but becomes full will remain on the website with a 'Waiting List' status; the advert will not be removed from the website.

The current advertising year for larger student schemes runs from 1st October 2022 to 30th September 2023.  All the larger student scheme adverts will be taken off the Manchester Student Homes website on 30th September 2023.