Accreditation Plus - Private Hall

Accreditation Plus (A+) is our highest level of accreditation. Private halls that achieve this standard receive preferential advertising on the Manchester Student Homes website. Adverts from A+ private halls appear higher in the search results when students search for accommodation.

Accreditation Plus logo

To achieve A+ status, we ask private halls commit to higher standards in relation to:

  • managing anti-social behaviour 
  • community engagement
  • pastoral care & welfare support

A+ Application


If you are already accredited and wish to apply for the A+ standard you will need to download the form below and complete the following pages:

  • page 1
  • page 3 - tick point 2
  • page 5

Private Hall A Plus Application Form link

Please email the completed form to detailing how your private hall meets the A+ standard.

Please include:

  • strategy for engaging with the local community
  • strategy for enhancing community cohesion amongst scheme residents
  • strategy for providing pastoral care and welfare support