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student safety

Staying safe is a vital skill to have regardless of where you live but it is particularly important when living in or near a city. Manchester Student Homes aims to educate students on how to stay safe during your time in Manchester with a focus on the crimes students are particularly vulnerable to. This is done in partnership with Greater Manchester Police (GMP), Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS) , Manchester City Council (MCC) and the National Health Service (NHS).

Student Safety Campaigns include:


The Manchester International Student Safety Campaign was created following discussions with Greater Manchester Police (GMP) and international students. These discussions highlighted the crimes which international students were most likely to be victims of and identified the best methods of presenting our safety information. Following this MSH was awarded funding for the campaign from The UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA) and the Manchester Student Safety Tactical Action Partnership.










The WOLF (Wary Of Light Fingers) campaign was created by Manchester Student Homes (MSH) in partnership with Greater Manchester Police and Manchester City Council, in order to raise awareness on issues relating to personal safety and household security. 



Manchester Student Homes is proud to be a Hate Crime 3rd Party Reporting Centre. Individuals who have been the victim of a Hate Crime can come to our office and speak to a member of staff to receive support and guidance.

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Student Safety Information


You can also view our Manchester Student Safety flyer which includes tips on staying safe.

Other Safety News


30th June 2018

Student Safety - Sainsbury's Stall

Manchester Student Homes teamed up with Greater Manchester Police to co deliver a stall in preparation for the ParkLife weekend. It was held on Friday 8th June between 11am and 1pm at Sainsbury’s in Fallowfield. The stall was attended by PCSO Gary Scott, our Alcohol Impact Support Assistant, Luke Fisher, and the Student Community Advisor, Rachael Hill.

Sainsbury's Stall Free Items Photo

The stall aimed to educate people on varying safety precautions that can be taken over the ParkLife weekend and to remind students to be conscientious of long term residents and the potential for noise disturbance. There were lots of free items that students and long term residents could take away, including: leaflets on safety, transient noise and community living, personal alarms, bells, lollipops, light timers and much more. The merchandise was widely popular with goodie bags being made that included all the wide-ranging information and practical items available.

Greater Manchester Police’s PCSO Gary Scott informed people on crime prevention whilst also giving reassurance that safety would be a paramount concern throughout the weekend. Moreover, he assured long term residents that all would be done to reduce transient noise and the safety of all residents. Both Luke and Rachael who work with Manchester Student Homes, but are also students, spoke with many undergraduates discussing safety advice for ParkLife and aiding in reducing other anxieties they had, including alcohol and drug safety. The stall was well attended by students and long term residents making it effective in communicating and reducing the apprehensions people had. We would like to thank Sainsbury’s for facilitating the stall and Greater Manchester Police for their attendance.

Sainsbury's Stall Luke and Rachel Photo

Overall, this was a successful event with lots of positive feedback on the safety information, items available, and the presence of Manchester Student Homes and Greater Manchester Police to ease people’s concerns before one of the busiest weekends in Fallowfield and Withington.


June 2015

manchester metropolitan university platt lane sports complex welcomes the community


On Sunday 21st of June MMU Platt Lane Sports Complex welcomed the community on to its site and facilities. The open day for community day attracted many families, avid sport players and staff from MMU. Visitors had the chance to try an array of sports including 5 a-side football, basketball, netball, yoga. MMU Met Munch were at the event providing freshly made smoothies, Met Munch really knows their fruits, educating families of what is in season. Greater Manchester Police oversaw the event and encourage you all to sign up all your important valuables to Immobilize,  to ensure that if ever they are stolen or lost the police can return them.

Manchester Student Homes were also present at the event, we spoke to many of you about what you favourite Manchester memory. It was great to hear so many positive responses. Many children that attended had written that they favourite memory was playing sport that day with their friends. The Manchester Memory is part of a wider project where we collect responses from many of our community events to create a picture of the area. 

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