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Alcohol and Drugs


The consumption of alcohol and drugs can have a number of consequences such as severe health risks, inhibition of judgement and even potentially action being taken against you by the authorities. Manchester Student Homes aims to highlight these risks in order to help students make educated decisions, avoid dangerous situations and to be healthy. This is done in partnership with  colleagues at the Universities, StudentGreater Manchester Police, the NHS and Manchester City Council.


Campaign includes:


NUS Drink Rethink Student Ambassador Survey December 2018


Student Ambassadors from The Union and Manchester Metropolitan University Residential Life deliver an alcohol harm-reduction survey across campus.


From Tuesday 4th - Friday 7th December there has been an NUS 'Drink Rethink' event occurring across campus. Student staff from The Union, Manchester Metropolitan University Residential Advisors and Manchester Student Homes has been working in partnership as ambassadors to conduct student surveys on alcohol awareness intake. Students received a guidance leaflet based on their survey results, which provides further support and information from Manchester Metropolitan University Counselling, Health and Wellbeing. After the success of Manchester Metropolitan University Res Life's ‘Alcohub’ event in November, student Residential Advisors have further helped promote alcohol awareness across campus by interacting with students during the survey.

‘Drink Rethink’ is a preventative approach that trains student ambassadors to use a behaviour change tool (Identification and Brief Advice, IBA) to deliver alcohol intervention surveys on campus.


The surveys will review how students’ alcohol consumption have changed, physical and mental health impacts resulting from alcohol consumption, and individual reflection directly on participation in the intervention. The survey intervention occurred over one week across Manchester Metropolitan University campus including Brooks, Business School, Geoffrey Manton and Library campuses.


NUS staff has trained 12 student ambassadors with the skills and knowledge required to deliver the intervention. Through these workshops, students worked on teamwork, commitment, confidence, empathy, communication skills, support and encouragement, leadership, time management, and project management skills. The ambassador training session allowed students to acquire the skillset and knowledge they need to act as an ambassador. The partnership of The Union, Manchester Metropolitan University Residential Life and Manchester Student Homes resulted in over 300 interactions with students.


Luke Fisher, Graduate Intern based at Manchester Student Homes who co-ordinated the initiative on behalf of The Union and Residential Life said:

“The Drink Rethink programme is a great opportunity to identify student drinking behaviours and to provide guidance and support. The ambassador surveys were carried out over one week across several MMU campuses resulting in a successful student turnout.