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news and Events


Manchester Student Homes organises and supports a plethora of on and off campus activities and events. Some of these activities relate to a number of our thematic policy areas or focus on raising our profile. As such this category has been created to highlight these events and show the diversity of our work.



MSH pounds the pavements           3rd-10th June 2019

to door knock thousands of

student properties

The first week of June saw the Manchester partnership undertake an off-campus door knocking exercise, approaching student properties with how and where to dispose of unwanted items before moving out. This was also an opportunity to remind students of the community they live in and to be aware of noise and personal safety as the end of the academic year draws to a close.

The door knocking exercise was undertaken across 6 full days and saw visits to thousands of student properties (over 5,000 at our last count!). The partnership comprised of Manchester City Council, Licensing and Out of Hours, Manchester Student Homes, University of Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University, local residents and MSH accredited Landlords.

The partnership interacted with student properties across Rusholme, Hulme, Fallowfield, Withington and Old Moat to let them know about how and where to dispose of any unwanted items at the end of the year. Students were provided with a leaflet on their responsibilities around disposing of unwanted waste and items before moving out for summer. The leaflet included details on local recycling centres, recycling information and a list of partnership charities where large unwanted items can be collected for free. Students were informed that they can contact the charities, The British Heart Foundation, Mustard Tree and The Tree of Life to collect large items such as clean duvets, pillows, furniture, TV/coffee tables and electrical items.


The leaflet involved working with the University of Manchester’s Business Consultancy students on the content and layout of the leaflet.

Students were also reminded to be mindful of the local community when finishing exams and preparing to move out over the summer. Students received information from Manchester City Council’s Licensing and Out of Hours on how to report late night noise. This was also an opportunity to remind students of their safety and ensuring properties are secure if they were going to Park Life festival.

A whopping 289 tonnes of items have been donated to the British Heart Foundation. The donations have helped raised up to £1.3 million in donations since 2012, which has helped support lifesaving research.

For further information on the Give It Don’t Bin It Campaign and where to locate the nearest BHF collection bank, visit:

The door knocking exercise was well-received by students and long term-residents. Students particularly praised the initiatives taken to redistribute household items to charities as part of the wider approach to sustainability.

We would like to thank staff volunteers from The University of Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University, MSH accredited landlords and local long term residents for their efforts in assisting with the campaign.




Community Fete Owen's park 2019               29th April 2019


On Monday 29th April, Manchester Student Homes, in partnership with University of Manchester’s Residential Life team, hosted the 2019 ‘Community Fete’ at Owen’s Park campus, Fallowfield. The event provided first year students with an ‘induction’ to off-campus life, ahead of their move into the local community in September.

15 different stakeholders attended the event, including Greater Manchester Police, Manchester City Council, Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service, British Heart Foundation, BMBB Residents’ Group and the Students’ Union. There was even a police van, fire truck, BHF pop-up stall, and ice cream van!

Students were welcomed into Owen’s Park courtyard by GMP’s ‘Wolfie’ and were invited to complete a circuit of 6 exhibitors to collect a free ice-cream. Stakeholders provided a range of information, leaflets and freebies to students to help them in their transition from halls to off-campus life.